How to detect someone that blocked you on facebook

How to detect someone that blocked you on facebook: Recently, you noticed you are no longer seeing someone’s post on your news feed, you can no longer access the person’s profile nor can you send him/her a message on facebook and you’re wondering what has happened. There are two possibilities of what might have happened, either the person has deactivated his/her facebook account or you have been blocked. But how can you be sure? Here are some methods to certify that such individual has blocked you on facebook;

Through facebook search

· Enter the person’s name (the individual who you think might have blocked you) within the search box at the top of the page and click on the “search” button

· Click on “individual tab” at the top of the page

· Then search for the person’s account among the search results, if you see the account and you are able to view the profile, then, you’ve not being blocked, maybe he/she just “unfriend” you but if you can’t find the person’s account, then maybe the person had deactivated his/her account or blocked you from viewing it.

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Through mutual friends

· Visit the page a mutual friend which exist between you and the person you suspected blocked you

· Then click on “look friends” button. The list of his/her friends will popup

· Search for the person’s name, if you can’t find it, then it means the person has deactivated the account but if it’s there, then it means you have been blocked by such person.

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Through messages

· This only works if you and the person you think might have blocked you have sent each other a message at least once.

· Click on the “message” button which opens the messenger

· Click on the person’s conversation with you then click on the “(i)” symbol at the top right side of the page

· Then search for the link to the person’s profile. If you do not find, then it means you have being blocked

But in order to avoid guessing wrong and misinterpretation, you can just ask a mutual friend directly if he/she is still very much active on facebook or better still, you can confront the individual directly to get the most accurate answer.

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