How to Get Desktop Facebook on Android

How to Get Desktop Facebook on Android: A lot of Facebook users access the Facebook site using their phones either android or iPhone, but it referred them straight to the Facebook mobile view rather than the desktop view.

There are some features present on the desktop which cannot be enjoyed with the mobile view, features such as bold and large image view, videos playing automatically and so on. If you really wish to enjoy the desktop view on your mobile phones, here are the techniques to follow to get it done

  • With the use of mobile browser, input the desktop URL and enter, this will take you straight to the desktop view of Facebook, you can now login and enjoy.
  • You can as well demand for desktop view at any convenient time while browsing Facebook using your browser options. Not all mobile browser can perform this function but will explain using Google chrome and Safari browser.

Google Chrome Browser

  • Login to your account with Google chrome,
  • Touch the option button (3dots)

  • From the drop-down menu select “request desktop view”
  • Reload the page and the Facebook desktop view will be displayed

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Safari Browser

  • As usual login with safari browser
  • Click on the option button below the page

  • Switch sideways and select “desktop site”
  • Then it will reload to display the desktop view.

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I believe you have gained a lot from this article, now you can change from desktop view to mobile view at your convenience time.

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