How to Know Who Is Watching Your Facebook Profile

How to Know Who Is Watching Your Facebook Profile: You Posted an amazing picture, video or remark on Facebook and wonder who are those who are actually viewing this on your account, well there’re no direct steps to know who views your account but with a little tweak, you know it is possible. So read our guide on how you can easily know who is watching your Facebook Profile

Who Is Watching Your Facebook Profile

I wonder why Facebook is overly reluctant in disclosing the identity of User’s Facebook account visitors. But that is none of your concern again as we show you how to view your Facebook account visitors with this easy guide.

Use of Social Profile | View Notification

Social account View is a Google Chrome extension that gives you the ability to check those who viewed your Facebook profile. To use Social Profile View Notification Google Chrome Extension, Follow the steps listed below.

  • From your PC/Laptop using a Google Chrome browser, go to Social Profile View Notification Extension page.
  • Download and Include this Facebook profile site visitors extension to your Chrome internet browser and activate it.
  • Once this is active on your web browser, you will see an additional field on your Facebook home page named “Visitors”

  • Each time you wish to detect your account visitors, all you are required to do is click on the visitors tab and yep, you have uncovered the mask on your account stalker’s face.

Using Facebook Source Code Inspect technique: Another very easy step to access your Facebook visitor’s list is to use the source code on your Facebook profile.

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  • Login to your Facebook account through any internet (Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome) browser and browse to Facebook home page.
  • On this page, right click and select View Page Source (in Chrome) or Page Source (in FireFox).
  • Doing this will certainly open your Facebook homepage’s source code in new tab.

  • Using the browser’s built-in search function or by pressing (Ctrl+ F) combination from your keyboard, search ‘InitialChatFriendsList’.

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  • Locate this ‘InitialChatFriendsList’. Term on the page that loads and from there, you will certainly see some numbers, these are Facebook account ID. Copy these numbers
  • Then Open a new tab in your internet browser and type in followed by the ID copied in the previous step, the new address will now be
  • When this loads, it will reveal to you the profile of that fellow that visits your Facebook profile.

Do this for all numbers and with ease you’ve been able to identify those that viewed your profile.

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