How to Remove Someone from Facebook Group Chat

How to Remove Someone from Facebook Group Chat: At first Facebook group member are well behaved  but over time when the group is grouping older, we may discover some group members who  are spamming the group or acting against the group’s set down rules. Sometimes, a group member might not be sure how to leave a group and might ask you to remove them. In this post we’re going to learn how to remove a member from a Facebook Group.

So, if your intentions is to delete someone from your Facebook group, here are the steps to take, but note first tat you can only do this if you are an admin on the group.

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  • Go into your group and look for the Members area:

  • Click on the Members link to get into the Members area

  • Click on the cog under the member’s name and choose Remove from Group.
  • Facebook will ask you to confirm. At this point, as you can see, you can also block them from joining or posting to the group again:

And they’ve gone!

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