How to Retrieve Your Facebook Password –

On one occasion or the other, you can’t deny the fact that you might have once forgotten your Facebook password. Well since that is the reason that you are reading this article I will give you an alternative means at which you can retrieve your Facebook password effortlessly. You may likely just want to change your Facebook your Facebook password after you forgot it or you think your account has been hacked. Well it will interest you to know that no matter how you think that your Facebook account is hopeless, there is always an alternative to retrieve the account as long as your user id, phone number or email account is still on the account, you can retrieve it.

Retrieve Your Facebook Password -

There are several means to retrieve your facebook password successfully, especially if you added various contact to your facebook account. I mean contacts like phone number, Instagram account, and email address, then your Facebook account password can easily be retrieved or changed. When I say retrieve your facebook password, of course you do not remember the facebook password that is why you want to retrieve, so you have to change it.

How to Retrieve Your Facebook Password

There are simple steps of which you can undertake to retrieve your facebook password. If you have currently tried to access your facebook account but can’t seem to put in the right password;

  1. Visit the official facebook login page at However, if you are using a mobile device you might not want to use that URL. You should try using this URL The difference is the improved interface to best suit your device.
  2. Now try to log in and click on the “forgot” password icon and enter your phone number or id you used to open your account. Now you will be shown a list of all the account created with the phone number.
  3. Click on your account and chose the means you wish to retrieve or change your password. You can either choose any of the ID you used in opening your facebook account.
  4. Now a confirmation code will be sent to the ID you clicked on. And you will be provided with a box to fill in the confirmation code. Enter the confirmation code and input your new facebook account password. And you will be taken to your Facebook news feed immediately.

That’s it, all you need to currently know on how to retrieve your Facebook account.

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