How to See Facebook Posts without being Friends

How to See Facebook Posts without being Friends: Not all individuals like the methods Facebook uses to sort different post shown on individual’s news feed, they do that based on what individual might most likely participate in or get involved with.

But, if you wish to view more of your friend’s post on your news feed, there is certainly a way to do just that.

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To do this, click on the switch on the cover picture denoting “pals”, from the drop box, include the person’s name on the list and suggest a closer relationship, you can also change the things to appear or not appear on your news feed, as well as unfriend them.

Do you want to see every activities of an individual, all his/her images alongside posts without leaving anyone out? You can also do this by clicking on “setup” and then “All updates”

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With both the old and new news feed, Facebook users could change to their desired setup by clicking on the person’s name which reveal his/her profile, from the cover image, select “buddies” and change to the settings of your choice.

You can also choose to view the posts via web page, you just have to register to receive notifications on your PC or mobile phones, to do this, click on the “such as” on the cover image drop box, then you choose to receive notifications.

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