How to Use Google Drive – Steps on How to Use a Google Drive

Have you ever heard of Google Drive or rather do you know how to use google drive? A bit surprised, aren’t you? well, you may have come across this word before while browsing, but would have little or no idea of what it is all about. Well, in this tutorial, I will be teaching you on how it is used, but there is no way you would know how to use it when you do not know what it is all about. So before any other thing follows, I will give you a brief note on what it really is.

How to Use Google Drive - Steps on How to Use a Google Drive

A Google Drive is a file storage and file synchronization tool owned and developed by Google. Released for general use in April 2012, this drive lets users save files, and also share these files. This storage service allows users to save so many files and then later access them through their smartphones or compute systems.

You can save documents, videos, images, all kinds of files, and even back up your computer system with this Drive. This service makes it so easy for you to transfer files from one device to others, so you do not have to stress yourself sending them through e-mails. It also shares documents and helps make sure that these files are safe and secure, even where your computer is not at work.

Benefits of A Google Drive

The Google Drive is a free data storage service that was provided by Google. It gives you up to 17 gigabytes that you can use to save your very important documents, pictures, files and so on. All these files are saved on Google’s servers and you can access them from there. Now here are the benefits of using this service.

  1. Backup your very important documents and files

Do you have pictures of a family that means so much to you, or some important office files you would not want to lose? Then this service is the best storage alternative.

  • Share and send large documents to friends, family, client, and colleagues

If you actually make use of Gmail, then this Drive service will definitely let you share large documents to your contacts on your email account.

  • Use the Drive app to view and gain access to your files.
  • The functionality to capture optical characters and help you find the word or name you have searched for.
  • Effective search engine, which lets you search for items on the internet using videos, images, and keywords to search for items.
  • Access and edit some files and documents you have stored.
  • Send and share videos and photos with your friends and contacts.
  • Ability to recognize the content of your pictures.
  • Absolutely free to use.

This Drive offers you all these amazing benefits while being absolutely free to use. All thanks to Google!S

Steps on How to Use a Google Drive

Now you know the basics of this Drive service offered by Google, but it just does not end there. Knowing the basics of this Drive service does not mean you already know how to use it. So we have got the basics out of the way, let us look at how to use this Drive service.

How to upload files on your Drive.

  • Find the files you want to upload. Go to your gallery, click on the share button and tap on “save to drive”.
  • Click on “allow”, then add a title to the file and save.

How to view your files on the Drive.

  • All you have to do is open the app and you will be directed to your drive that contains your files and documents. Just tap on the particular file you want to view.
  • How to share your files on your Drive
  • Open the Drive app, then click on “more”, which has the icon of three vertical dots.
  • Open the file, and then click on “send file” to share the physical file or tap on“share link” to send the link of the file.
  • Choose a sharing method. The methods include through messaging, email, facebook and lots more.

How to download a file

  • Open the app and click on the three vertical dots.
  • Click on download.

How to upload files from your computer to your Drive

  • Open the Drive website on
  • Tap“new”.
  • Click on “folder upload” or “file upload” and click on open.
  • The files will start downloading. Once the download is done, you will receive a notification.

How to delete files from your Drive

  • Open the app and
  • Open the file you want to delete, click on the three vertical dots and tap “remove”.

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