I have a Problem with my Facebook Account

I have a Problem with my Facebook Account: If you are part of the millions of Facebook users out there, then you’ll definitely be part of the millions experiencing the stress of the app crashing at intervals during the process of posting or when replying a comment or when searching the news feed.

Below are to various things to do in order to fix the problem;

  • Ensure you quit the application: long press the home button to reveal all running app, then close the Facebook messenger application. This should be done before attempting another process.
  • Do a force reset: long press the power button of the phone to automatically restart the phone, now try to reopen the application.

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  • Uninstall and reinstall: uninstall or delete the Facebook messenger app by holding down the app icon, then drag it up to “uninstall”, this remove the app totally from the phone. Try download the application from Google play store and install it back onto your phone
  • Make sure the Facebook messenger app is up to date: verify that the app is up to date from the Google play store, if not, update it immediately.
  • Update your android OS: make sure your android OS is up to date, verify from your phone settings, if not, and update it as soon as possible.

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  • Interference: it’s possible the issue was caused by interference of the Facebook messenger app with another application which is opened simultaneously. To solve this, make sure all apps are closed before reopening the Facebook messenger app.
  • Re-synchronise: make sure your device is synchronized with a computer. This reduces all sorts of issues.
  • ROM: sometimes, your device might be extremely slow because of the space available on it, leading to some applications crashing including Facebook messenger application. To certify this, check out your free memory at the device settings > storage. If there is low space left, delete some irrelevant applications, pictures or music to free space.

Separating Facebook from setup

If all the above procedures fails, this is an alternative procedure to try to log out before it crashes, then go to application settings and delete account for Facebook account, then reopen the application and login with your details.

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