Instagram search – How to Search Effectively On Instagram

Instagram is still one of the most engaging networks on the social platform today all over the world, although they may be only a few advertisements and links that are unclicking. The platform is a big way to get to all your friends both locally and globally plus Instagram is on the increase in numbers of users all around the world.

Instagram search - How to Search Effectively On Instagram

Instagram was not initially created with a full search feature, and then you can only search by two methods which were;

  • By Hashtag,
  • And by username.

This was a problem for many business owners as the search results weren’t too specific. If you aren’t on Instagram lately you are missing a lot because Instagram search has become a lot better. In this article, I will be showing you six better ways to search on Instagram based on the upgrade of Instagram.

Instagram search – How to Search Effectively On Instagram

  1. HashTag Search

This feature was initially created with Instagram but based on upgrade you can now search in a few different styles. You can now click directly on a Hashtag link in a post. Also, on comment, or picture to search Instagram for the tag. Or you can use the Instagram search bar method and click on tags to search for posts and comments of the same tag

  1. Location Search

This is the best new amazing feature for me on Instagram. This new feature allows you to search for different places with the Instagram search bar located on the app. It is very easy for you to search for this method all you have to do is to click the places tab below the search bar and start typing the location you want to search. This feature is best for searching for people who took pictures or record videos at your current location. This feature is best for businessmen and women in case of advertising purposes.

  1. Key Word Search

This search method is to locate people you intend to follow. You can also use this method to search for keywords within a handle to find people or fans related to your searched keyword.

  1. User’s Search

This search method is to look for an exact person on instagram. Simply by searching the person’s username. When you follow the person it will immediately show you a list of people related to that person.

  1. Followers Search

This method is also great for business men. This method is to search for people who love the same thing you are doing. With this method, you can start reaching out to them. Once you find someone who does the same thing with you and has lots of fans who love the same thing, you can search the person’s username and click on the following tab close to the username.

  1. Search Instagram With Twitter

This method is best for finding images you don’t know a tag to. All you have to do is head over to twitter and search in this format “keyword”

Now you know how to have the best experience searching on instagram

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