Know who is stalking you on Facebook

Know who is stalking you on Facebook: Stalking also called creeping is the act of constantly checking up someone on social media platforms, a stalker tends to know what exactly is going on in their “stalkee” life at any time. It may also be called creeping but it is definitely not as creepy as it sounds, all they do is check out peoples (in most times, a particular person) timeline, updates, tweets and all other online activities.

This act is very common among the young people who really fancy or adore someone and really wants to be like him/her. They may be shy and don’t want to meet up, but they prefer to constantly check what they are doing online to motivate themselves.

Stalking or creeping is general accepted on various social media platforms since most of these platforms allow other users to check out people’s profile without them getting a notification of who just checked their profile. This is an advantage to stalker because they feel safe and protected since no one will know who they are checking out.

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It might sound creepy but almost everyone has at least one creeper, who checks them up on daily or weekly basis. Facebook brought up a feature which intend to reduce the numbers of stalkers i.e. privacy setup that makes individual users control those who can view their profile but regardless of that, on one knows who the stalkers are, it might even be your friend on Facebook, so if only your friends are allowed to view your profile, then your stalker continues its stalking job.

So how can you identify stalkers on Facebook? It is actually not easy, as I mentioned earlier, Facebook does not notify users on who is checking their profile rather does it allow a third party application to do such job. But there are by cuts that can be used to access those checking you out on Facebook.

To do this, you have login your Facebook account via Google Chrome browser, then follow the steps below;

  • Right click any spot in the display, scroll down and select “page resources”
  • A new display full of codes is shown; bring up the search tool by typing “Ctrl+F”
  • Insert “initialchatfriendslist” in the search box and hit enter
  • The result will show your search word, followed by lots of codes separated by inverted commas, simply copy each code in an inverted comma
  • Then paste it in front of “” in your URL box, hit enter.
  • The next display shows the profile of your stalker who recently checked your profile.
  • You can do this to every codes in the search result to show you all the people that have checked your profile over time.

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I hope this has helped you keep track of those stalking you on Facebook? Kindly share this with your buddies so they can learn how its done.

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