Opencart Facebook Store – Facebook Store Integration | Opencart FB Store – FB Store Link

Opencart Facebook Store – Facebook Store Integration | Opencart FB Store – FB Store Link

Have you made use of the Opencart facebook store before? If you haven’t I won’t be surprised. Before you will know of the Opencart facebook store, you will first of all need to know and understand what Opencart stands for. Everybody is now looking for ways to sell their products in one way or the other. And the best form of advertising and selling of products now is via online. Here comes the online store platform.

Opencart Facebook Store - Facebook Store Integration

Since the establishment of the internet the numbers of users have continued to rise. Over one third of the world’s population is now making use of the internet in one way or the other. People not just only make use of the internet, they now spend lots of creative time o the internet. There are reasons for this though. The thing is that almost everything can be done on the internet. Form shopping to schooling, even socializing.

Now with the popularity of online shopping, the demand for online stores has now increased. Now with this development many online stores platforms have been set up to meet up with demand. There are now hundreds of online store platforms in the internet today. Some better than others, while there are some who couldn’t keep up with the competition in the market.

This is where the Opencart comes in to play. The Opencart is an online ecommerce platform. it is one of the best ecommerce platforms for retailers because of its basic website build up. It is a free platform to use. But when you choose to later upgrade or get some features you will be prompted to pay some fees. This Opencart platform unlike other CMS platforms is a secure platform

How to Link Opencart to Facebook

This is easy. You already know that the facebook store feature is one of the free ecommerce platforms we have in the internet today. Now people link their external ecommerce platforms to their facebook stores because of their clients and customers on facebook thereby dealing directly with their customers more directly. To link your Opencart store to facebook follow the steps below;

  1. On your Opencart admin platform click on extensions.
  2. Next click on product feeds.
  3. On your products feed page click on edit and then on enabled.
  4. You will have to copy the dada feed URL and click on save button.
  5. You will have to go to this link
  6. Click on the get started now-connect with facebook button.
  7. Select the Opencart logo.
  8. Then paste your data feed URL.
  9. Now click on activate button.
  10. Lastly connect your store to your facebook page.

That’s all you need to connect your store to your Facebook page.

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