Reasons for Losing Followers on Instagram

Reasons for Losing Followers on Instagram: Most times you have sleepless nights all because you wish to have progress with your followers on Instagram, you update the best photos, crack the craziest jokes and even upload funny clips just to acquire more and more on a daily basis. 


All these was working out, your followers are growing but suddenly, on a faithful day, you discovered that one or two of your followers are missing, the same thing happened again the next day and gradually, you are losing your accumulated and beloved followers.

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You had checked all your post if there is actually something chasing them off, but you found nothing, you’d increase the amount of time spent on Instagram and even increased the number of post just to attract followers rather than lose them but it seems nothing you do is stopping them from unfollowing you, the numbers are drastically reducing causing frustrations, anger, sadness and madness.

Now you are here to know what exactly is the cause of this tragic occurrence, is it them or is it you?

Don’t worry much; just try to read till the end so as to know that has gone wrong along the way. Below are various suggestions which you might fit in and the reasons for losing followers after taking the actions.


They started following you yesterday, and now they’ve gone.

This is actually done by many Instagram user just to acquire more followers for themselves, first they follow as many persons as possible, they post interesting articles or clips and attracts those they just followed to follow them back, as soon as this is done, they simple wait a while and then unfollow the individual back. Since Instagram does not notify their users on those that Unfollow them, it will be very difficult to detect at that instance that they have being cheated.

The best thing here is to ignore them and focus on acquiring more real followers for yourself. You can simply unfollow them if you want to.

Instagram followers dropped suddenly?

In this situation, it may be that Instagram who always keep an eye on real and fake accounts or spam account has suddenly decided to drop a bomb on the fake and spammy ones. So if a proportion of your followers are actually fake, then your number of followers will drop as soon as it is done.

At least, you now know what caused the drastic drop; it’s actually them and not you.

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Losing followers? Could it be something you’re doing?

There are actually lots of reason why someone might unfollow you on Instagram, but if a lot of people in doing this, then it means there is something wrong somewhere and this may be something caused by your previous activities on Instagram. Below are some of the reasons that can be thought of;

1. Photograph quality: check out your photo quality, may be you have uploaded a low-quality image, this is one of the fastest way to lose followers because people don’t actually like this actions. To acquire followers, post the top-quality photos at all time.

2. Overselling: if all you do on Instagram is to post goods that you intend to sell and not actually participate in all other Instagram fun activities, you don’t comment on people’s post or react to their post, then that can give you some numbers of followers pressing the unfollow button. Just try as much as possible to create time for others on Instagram, chat up through DM, create poll question and make your account fun to be with.

3. Over-posting: posting every now and then will only land you will fewer followers, especially if what you are posting is irrelevant. Try to schedule your time of posting, you can post once or twice daily, wait for followers to digest that before you post another one.

4. Doesn’t fit with your Instagram theme: attempting to change what you started with is always a great mistake, many people followed you because they like what you are doing, now changing your style will only chase them running. It is better to stick with what people have known you for and keep acquiring more users.

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If you strictly adhere to those things said above, I can bet your followers will start multiplying in no time. I hope this was helpful? Why not help others by sharing this with your contacts.

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