See who Views your Facebook Page the Most

See who Views your Facebook Page the Most: There are large numbers of Facebook applications which claim that their users can know all the individuals who have viewed their Facebook account very fast, meanwhile, those applications are just mere fraudulent programmers and so far I discovered that embarrassing numbers of other Facebook users are utilizing those scam applications.

A lot of those applications are programmed to swindle customers and invade their privacy.

This common happening is against Facebook policies and will forever be. Facebook users always want to know those that have viewed their profile, this motive has caused the scams to see it of great necessity and advantageous to dupe Facebook users.

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How Do I Know Those Who Are Viewing My Facebook Profile?

Humans always want to discover what is running on the mind of another human about him, it is natural, this has caused a strong affinity for getting a feature like this for the Facebook users. On the basis of my notion. I said earlier that it is not a very good thing to use any type of third party Facebook application without full knowledge of it. Moreover, it is not unrealistic to know those that viewed my account. Recently I discovered that “Account Visitors for Facebook” that has made this look achievable with its unique way of working.

Who viewed My Facebook Profile?

Did it ever cross your mind? I understand you are curious to examine that is taking a look at your Facebook account and also would like to know if there is something technical in it.? I want to notify you that this attribute protests Facebook policies however still there is one add-on for Chrome which will allow you to check who visited your Facebook account.

First Approach: Google Chrome Tool and Its Uses.

The app to know those who had viewed your profile is very efficient on the Google chrome and can serve well to the users. .It efficacy is very reliable only that it is limited to Google chrome users alone, by the way it is very necessary to understand that it won’t work if the visitor has not been using the Google chrome himself/herself. Therefore, it is needed that one asks his friend to get the Google chrome too, if not it won’t work at all.

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Steps To View Those Who Checked My Profile

1. Go to the link you see and enter it using the Google chrome in your Google chrome.

2. You must be online on your account concurrently, then it will come vividly well to your notice that an extra has appeared on your screen displaying ‘visitors’ tab by the left of ‘residence’ on the page.

3. A pop up will come up on your screen showing your profile viewers, only those that have Google chrome and have done the needful as explained.

Second Approach: Guidebook Approach

To Know Those That Have Seen My Facebook (For PC).

1. Open your browser log in and copy the link to your timeline.

2. Right click on your internet browser and also click “Sight web page Resource”.

3. Immediately you will see great combinations of great deals of HTML/CSS/JavaScript codes.

4. (Without using codes) a message will pop up after you must hold CTRL+F (or Command+ F on Mac) on the keyboard.

5. You will see list of number beside it, you’ll see a list of numbers at the top right corner. These are respectively the IDs viewers profile viewers.

6. Open a new tab on your browser, go to “” the insert the ID the ID of your choice that you have copied then put behind the For example, if the ID is ghen3, you will have

7. The one that view your profile frequently will be shown first while the last ID never ever visits your profile!

I hope this guide was helpful?

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