Somebody Blocked me on Facebook

Somebody Blocked me on Facebook: By blocking a user on Facebook, it shows you’ve obstructed the person from viewing your profile, send you friend’s request, send out messages, comments and even reading others posts on your photos, web links, pages, or groups. By blocking, you’ve simply quit all interactions in between with such user on Facebook now as well as in the future.

When someone is blocked on Facebook, it shows nothing to the individual, no notification or sign you’ve been block everything just happens normal so to detect when you are blocked we’ve written this article to help you out.

How to Find out who has Blocked you on Facebook

Approach 1: The very first step you can attempt to see if somebody has blocked you is to simply search for their name on Facebook. If you are unable to see their Facebook name on the platform, it shows either of these three things could be happening:

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  1. Your buddy might have actually blocked you.
  2. The buddy might have deleted his account.
  3. The account of such user might have been blocked on Facebook.

Approach 2: Another thing you can try out is to simply check your messages. If you have had a conversation with the user before, try to locate the messages, when you find it, you will notice that the photo of the person will certainly show the default Facebook image if you’ve been blocked and then the name of the person will be in black (in vibrant) and cannot be clicked to visit the account

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Approach 3: Another approach is the mutual friend approach, look for a friend that you two have in common, from such friends profile, if you cannot find the list of the user (user you guess have blocked you) among the list of mutual friends, then certainly you’ve been blocked.

Approach 4: The final approach we will tell you today, is that you can just ask a friend to check the name of the user, if such friend can locate it, that means you’ve been blocked.

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