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Have you heard of the WhatsApp business solution provider? WhatsApp is one of the most common apps people use when they feel like they need someone to talk to and want to feel convenient at the same time. Whatsapp has officially launched its new Whatsapp business app in some selective markets. Consisting of Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and the United States, in advance of its deliberated worldwide launch. The addition of business profile options. And new messaging features geared toward small business clients is part of the company’s master plan to generate revenue. By charging larger organizations for advanced tools to communicate with customers. Tt the platform now utilized by over one million users around the globe.

WhatsApp Business Solution Provider - WhatsApp Business

This Whatsapp business app is the preliminary access factor in the marketplace. Geared toward smaller groups and business owners. This free app helps businesses get a personal connection. And communication with their customers and set up a reputable presence on the Whatsapp service. Basically, it’s the Whatsapp model of a modern facebook web page. The Whatsapp Company had formally announced the app’s arrival. And started verifying various business accounts as part of its Whatsapp business pilot application back in September 2017. Confirmed accounts have been given a green checkmark as a way of demonstrating their authenticity.

WhatsApp Business Solution Provider – How Is Whatsapp Business A Business Solution Provider?

The Whatsapp business app is a business game changer because of the features it possesses. This app lets users do certain things which would normally be impossible to do with Whatsapp. Below is a list of the things you can do with the Whatsapp business app

  • With the new Whatsapp business app. Small groups and businesses can set up their Whatsapp business profile by filling out a short form. Just like any other social media would require. The form may require information like your business description, address, website, and your personal mail address.
  • Whatsapp connotes the fact that people will know whenever they’re chatting with business account owners. Due to the fact these accounts would be indexed as “Business accounts”. Over the years, some may turn into “confirmed accounts”. After Whatsapp verifies the account telephone number it registered as the business phone number.
  • Once you are set up on the Whatsapp network. Organizations can then use a series of tools provided on the app. Tools like “smart messaging”  that offer similar technology to what you’d find these days in Facebook Messenger.

They also have many other features which you would discover when you start using the app, this app is available on the google play store and the iOS store.

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