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What do you understand by the term WhatsApp marketing for business? How can you describe WhatsApp in business terms? Whatsapp is very much unlike any social media you have seen before. Whatsapp comes with a lot of tools and benefits, although it is not like the popular social Media you know. The WhatsApp is unique in its different way. Every other social media you know before know can be accessed on the web, in other words, it has a website. But the WhatsApp does not have a website. The only site it has is the WhatsApp web which cannot be accessed by non-WhatsApp users. This site is very secure that it requires you to scan a specific code using your mobile WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Marketing for Business - WhatsApp Business

How Can WhatsApp Be Utilized In Business

Like I said before, WhatsApp is very secure and that is why many people love and trust it. Whatsapp does not just give out your information to strangers and this medium grows trust in every user’s heart. I am very sure you want to use a social media that is totally secured, a social media when no one can access you or see your status updates without having your mobile number saved in his or her device. I am very sure that you would agree with me when I say young people prefer having a secure social media where they can reach and call you anytime regarding a service rather than using airtime to call you. This comes into play when you are dealing with young people especially.

Whatsapp can be utilized in business in so many ways, but in this article we would be talking about how to use WhatsApp for marketing and advertising.

How to Use WhatsApp for Business through Marketing and Advertising

This is a very easy thing to do because WhatsApp now has a new app called WhatsApp business. This app is for business owners on WhatsApp. What this app does is that it allows you to set up a separate WhatsApp profile for your business. This specific app comes with different tools that help advertising with it. The WhatsApp business app is a mobile app for smart phones and iOS devices. This app is also built with the web WhatsApp feature. Most of the services this app provides are free, but if you want to advertise like a pro you have to buy more features.

Where to get the WhatsApp business app

If you are using an iOS or android device, this app can be found in your device play store

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