WhatsApp New Version Download – WhatsApp Account

The WhatsApp messenger app for Android devices has finally announced and launched a new update in which the chat messaging app now introduces specific new features alongside some bug fixes – how amazing! And for this latest version, WhatsApp lets its users download and install their old media files, which they may have trashed out of their mobile phones earlier. Prior to the launching of this new platform, all media files that were trashed by WhatsApp users could never be retrieved anymore, but this new feature has made this so possible.

WhatsApp New Version Download - WhatsApp Account

The WhatsApp New Version Download will be available to users who are frequently poised to smart mobile phones, and also, for those WhatsApp users who might have deleted some useful media files by accident. However, for this new version of the chat messaging platform to work, a WhatsApp user should bear the real message that the media file was shared or sent by him or the recipient, by this way the file can be easily retrieved or downloaded again.

The WhatsApp messenger is the easiest and fastest medium to send your messaged on your mobile device to any friend, family and contact on your contact list. The only requirement needed in this service is that you must have the app installed into your mobile phone, tablet, or PC. The new version of WhatsApp that has been introduced, is compatible with almost all kinds of operating systems available in the market, such as Android, IOS, Windows device, and Symbian. So, this practically means that you will certainly be able to communicate and interact with your friends and contact, regardless of what kind of device you make use of.

Benefits of The WhatsApp New Version Download

The American Search Giant, Google, is making life so easy for WhatsApp users, as 1.5 billion users of the famous chat messaging platform will be able to back up their data on the Google Drive service without having to worry about any storage space. Backing up your chat messages and media files to your Google Drive service could be very helpful especially in cases where you have to change your Android phone or get a new one, these chat messages and media files can be easily transferred.

Another amazing benefit of the WhatsApp New Version Download is that the chat app has also introduced a new WhatsApp business app that helps marketer and business owner communicate and interact with their customers and clients. The new version for this chat messaging app has launched so many features to help you get a smooth chat experience and we will quickly look into some of these features.

Features of The WhatsApp New Version Download

  1. Smart messaging tools
  2. Business profiles
  3. WhatsApp status update
  4. WhatsApp new stickers
  5. Unlimited free voice and video calls
  6. Group creation and chat
  7. WhatsApp WEB
  8. Multimedia
  9. Location sharing and sending
  10. Contact exchange
  11. Wallpapers and so much more
  12. Delete messages to un-send errors in messages
  13. Backup your chat messages and media files

How to Get Started on WhatsApp New Version Download

For you to get started on this WhatsApp New Version Download, you have to download and install the app into your mobile device. Now for you to download this app, go to your Google Play store for Android devices and iTunes apple store for IOS devices, from here you can search for the WhatsApp app and download into your device.

You could also get the app by going to the WhatsApp website on www.whatsapp.com and you can download and install your WhatsApp chat messaging app from here.

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