WhatsApp Web – How to Access and Use WhatsApp Web

Do you want to make use of the WhatsApp web feature? Whatsapp as most of us know is one of the popularly used messaging platforms around and guess what, it just got better. Apart from the fact that fact that Whatsapp is available on almost all devices, Whatsapp just launched a new platform called the Whatsapp web. This platform enables users to visit and use the Whatsapp platform via their various internet devices.

WhatsApp Web - How to Access and Use WhatsApp Web

What You Need To Use This Feature

The Whatsapp platform is, of course, simpler and easy to use via the Whatsapp web feature; however, there are some restrictions on which devices it works with. The things you can use to access and use this platform feature are;

  1. An android, blackberry, Nokia s60 or windows phone. According to Verge, the Whatsapp web feature won’t run on iPhone devices because it restricts background multitasking and push notifications.
  2. Google Chrome.  You can use this feature on windows, macOS X and Linux via the google chrome web browser. Normally, you already know it is the fastest browser and that makes it one of the best for the push notification system.
  3. To use this feature, you must be sure you can access the Whatsapp app via the Whatsapp app and Whatsapp is only accessible via the updated Whatsapp app. In other words, to continue using Whatsapp or Whatsapp web you need to update your Whatsapp app.
  4. And lastly, your phone must be connected to the internet at all times to continue using Whatsapp or Whatsapp web

There you have it, the things you need to access and use the platform. Once you meet all the requirements, you can start accessing and using this feature online.

How to Access and Use WhatsApp Web

Like I was trying to point out earlier, once you meet the requirements, accessing and using Whatsapp web would be a snap. Yes, it is as easy as that. To access and use this feature;

  1. Open your google chrome web browser and visit the official website at web.whatsapp.com.
  2. While doing this, on your Whatsapp mobile app, tap on the menu icon. Once you do this, a QR code user would start running.
  3.  Now scan the QR code already displaying on your PC or device and that is it.

It is as easy as that, that’s how you access and use thus feature.

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